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Surgical Training Simulator Box

The technology

Laparoscopic, or minimally invasive, surgery has become very popular with both patients and insurance companies due in part to shortened postoperative recovery times. Since its introduction and evolution, there have been numerous concerns related to surgical training in this field. The existing laparoscopic simulators or box trainers are either extremely expensive or do not mimic realistic surgical scenarios, and, to date, no laparoscopic simulator for gynecological surgery has been developed.

A figure of an apperatus

This is a laparoscopic surgery simulator for gynecological surgery training. This simulator takes into account the constraints of space and other issues with laparoscopic surgery, and accurately mimics gynecological organs and the puncture properties of the tissues. This simulator also provides sensorized arteries, veins and ureters to indicate when too much pressure is being applied. Moreover, this simulator allows for the use of real surgical instruments, making it more realistic than currently available training boxes. In addition to the training box, a simulated laparoscope with a pivoting head has been developed for training at varying angles. This is a cost-effective simulator that eliminates the need for multiple simulated laparoscopes. Taken together, this simulator offers surgeons a high-quality, realistic and cost-effective training box.

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