Engineering and physical science

Might!(TM) The Energy Making Game

With obesity related problems on the rise, health and nutrition are important concepts for youth to understand. Employing learning objectives in a way that is engaging and fun for students has been proven to increase comprehension and knowledge. Game based learning methods rely on the application of knowledge to progress, and they produce motivated learners. In a society where school and learning is commonly regarded as dull, it is important for students to be engaged and stimulated while learning. An effective game-based learning environment allows students to work towards a goal, choose actions and experience consequences of their actions; all while absorbing the subject matter presented in the game.

The technology

Might!TM is a science based strategy game that aims to teach the flow of energy through the body and the balance between nutrition and lifestyle in a fun and interactive manner. This card game is an excellent teaching tool that allows players to better understand the importance of mitochondria within the cell and their function in impacting human health. Might!TM is unique in its use of science, art and graphics and integrates well with school curriculums and learning objectives. Engaging for both adults and children, targeted players of this game are middle and high school students.

Logo for MIGHT! The energy making game