Software and informatics

Automated Quantitative Analysis of Microcirculation

The technology

Quantification of variations in microcirculation are important for diagnostics and treatment decisions. Current technologies lack accuracy and require human interaction. Hence, there is a need for a tool that allows this process to be fully automated, efficient and precise.

A side by side comparison of two microscopic images.

This is a novel technique that provides for automatic and real-time analysis of microcirculation images and videos, meanwhile allowing for user intervention. In addition to detecting small blood vessels, the system provides functional measurements of the microcirculation such as Functional Capillary Density (FCD). This technique could be used for screening variation in microcirculation during resuscitation for hemorrhagic shock to decide when to stop/start resuscitation and prevent over- and under- resuscitation; monitoring the changes in microcirculation in systemic diseases and local tissue assessment; and early detection and monitoring of diseases such as diabetes, sepsis, and sickle cell anemia.