At VCU TechTransfer and Ventures, our mission is to facilitate commercialization of university inventions for the benefit of the public, to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at the university, and to promote industry collaborations and new venture creation. 

We aim to bring a national prominence, world-class recognition, and value to VCU and its inventors; to position VCU at the top of its peers by enhancing innovation commercialization.

We are a team of licensing professionals, business developers and administrators who work tirelessly to guide and support VCU faculty, staff and trainees through the technology transfer and industry engagement processes. We have more than 50 years in combined experience of intellectual property evaluation and protection, technology marketing, license negotiations, invention maturation and validation, business development, entrepreneurship and start-up creation.

Our services

TechTransfer and Ventures has the exclusive responsibility to license VCU inventions to existing companies and startups.

We help faculty and researchers commercialize their inventions and creative work, from patent applications to licensing opportunities. View our complete list of services for inventors.

For industry members — including tech scouts, business developers, investors and product managers — interested in VCU technology, we provide licensing and  collaboration opportunities, as well as help with confidentiality agreements. Visit our technology marketplace to learn more.

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