A visual graphic of the technology transfer process

Technology transfer process

At Virginia Commonwealth University TechTransfer and Ventures, our experts can guide you through the process of getting your research discoveries and inventions to the marketplace.

We desire above all else to see your scientific discoveries, inventions and work reach the public. To maximize the odds of your work reaching the public, you must contact us before publicly discussing your work. The initial protection process is fast and does not impede scholarly efforts to share your work. Public disclosures include:

  • submitting your work for publication review (manuscripts, abstracts, posters)
  • presenting at seminars and conferences (abstracts, poster presentations, short talks, etc.)
  • discussing your work with collaborators from other universities
  • discussing your work with industry partners and collaborators

We take steps to protect your inventions before they are publicly disclosed so that patent rights are preserved. Without proper patent protection, the commercial value of your intellectual property is significantly diminished and it is unlikely to reach the public.

Use the guide below to learn about each step in the technology transfer process — and contact us at any step along the way: ott@vcu.edu or (804) 828-5188