Technologies available for licensing

Engineering and physical science

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18‐122 Radial Flow Processing Device
Residence time compensating radial flow processing device  

16-087 Device for Electro-Hydrodynamic Printing
A dual-channel jetting apparatus for Electro-Hydrodynamic printing

19-009 High-quality perovskite films
Low-temperature formation of perovskite films using supercritical CO2

18-023 Direct-Gap Nanocrystals
Highly Efficient Materials for Light Harvesting

17-104 Coupling Catalyst
Highly active graphene based palladium catalysts

17-084 Biocompatible Supercapacitors
Flexible, biodegradable supercapacitors

17-006 DenTimol
Improved Drug Delivery System for Glaucoma Treatment

12-065 Smokekit
Treatment for Carbon Monoxide and Cyanide Poisoning

18-049 RaPID
Rapid Photonic Innovation Device

16-030 Energy Efficient Windows
Development of versatile transparent aerogel panes

18-056 Antibacterial Filters
Deactivation of airborne bacteria in HVAC systems

18-042 Magnetic Cooling Devices
Optimizing the efficiency of cooling systems

18-041 Nano-porous platinum-silver
A material for complex environments

17-132 High Efficiency Cooling
Refrigeration and cooling with LCMO

17-124 Laser Synthesis
Process for Graphene-based Magnetic Materials