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21-106 Single-stage, highly reproducible electrochemical sensors PartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
High resolution, single-step sensor for electrolyte measurement at home and in the clinic

22-030 Biphasic Ion DetectionPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Using water-immiscible phase to detect ions in small-volume samples

15-076 Particle Mobility ClassifierPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Curved particle electrical mobility classifier

21-107F Non-volatile matrix multiplier PartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
A compact, low-energy, non-volatile nanomagnetic matrix multiplier as a hardware accelerator for machine learning and artificial intelligence

21-098F Easily dispensed multifunctional ink PartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Method to form transient physical and electrical connections in flexible devices

21-129 Production of Ultrafine Fibers Using ElectrospinningPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Enhanced Electrospinning Method via Ultrasonic Vibration to Produce Fine Fibers

19-069F, 18-077F, 16-030, 13-048 Aerogel compositions PartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
with improved material properties and more efficient manufacturing methods

20-023 Nitric Oxide Releasing DevicesPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Novel 3D Printable Nitric Oxide Releasing Polymer Ink

18-062 Extreme Sub-wavelength Electromagnetic On-chip AntennaPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)

18-062 Nanomagnetic Acoustic Antenna PartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)

16-018F Skyrmion mediated non-volatile magnetic random access memoryPartnerEASY (Express)Test Drive
Device for nanomagnetic memory

16-009F Halogen-free Electrolytes for Metal Ion BatteriesPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Creation of a halogen-free electrolyte synthesis to be used in batteries (Li-ion, Na-ion, and Mg-ion, etc.)

17-131 Carbon Allotrope PartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
A Recipe for the Design of Penta-graphene

19-118 Microparticles for Battery CathodesPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Slug-flow reactor manufacturing of cathode materials

21-103 Conformal Core-Shell Powder Coating Using a Novel Sample HolderPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Boosting magnetron sputtering processes with electrical/magnetic biasing and vibration

21-049, 21-050 Highly efficient UV LEDs PartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Beryllium doped GaN Semiconductors to create extremely bright LEDs

19-009 High-quality perovskite films
Low-temperature formation of perovskite films using supercritical CO2

10-027 SIPPC: Self-Initiated Prone Progressive CrawlerPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)

19-071F U-Carbon: A Conductive and Magnetic CarbonPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Novel metallic and ferromagnetic crystalline carbon material

11-095 Continuous Nanoparticle SynthesisPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Flow-through reactor for the synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles

17-084 Biocompatible SupercapacitorsPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
A flexible and biodegradable electrolyte-based system

12-111 Microstructures of SilkPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Renewable materials for tissue engineering scaffolds

16-028 Handheld Uranium Detection DevicePartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
A portable method to quantify trace levels of uranium in water

19-086 Renewable HydrogenPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Nickel-Molybdenum Alloy Nanoparticles as Low-Cost and Earth-Abundant Electrocatalysts for Water Splitting

19-109 High Efficiency HVAC FilterPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Novel Method for Producing Single Sheet High Efficiency MOF Electret Filters

20-080 Continuous Aerosol Based Synthesis for Tungsten Bronze Particles PartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Scalable, Rapid, and Tunable Production of Crystalline Particles

14-050 Energy Efficient Computing Devices PartnerEASY (Express)Test Drive
Magneto-elastic non-volatile multiferroic logic & memory

18-056 Anti-microbial FiltersPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)Test Drive
Deactivation of airborne microbes in HVAC systems

19-039F Microwave Oscillators PartnerEASY (Express)
A spectrally pure X-band microwave oscillator

17-132 High Efficiency Cooling PartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Refrigeration and Cooling with LCMO

18-041 Nano-porous platinum-silverPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
A material for complex environments

16-062 Might!(TM) The Energy Making GamePartnerEASY (Express)

18-023 Direct-Gap NanocrystalsPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Highly Efficient Materials for Light Harvesting

18-042 Magnetic Cooling DevicesPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Optimizing the efficiency of cooling systems

17-124 Heavy metal adsorbentPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)Test Drive
Process for graphene-based water treatment

13-091 Haptic Glucometer GuidePartnerEASY (Express)Test Drive
Independence for visually impaired diabetics

10-033 Tibiotalar Arthrodesis Guide (TAG)PartnerEASY (Express)Test Drive
A guide for accurate and reproducible ankle arthrodesis

14-004 Reducing Concussion Injuries with Magnetic HelmetsPartnerEASY (Express)Test Drive

12-065 Smokekit
Treatment for Carbon Monoxide and Cyanide Poisoning

22-090 CO2 Hydrogenation MethodPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Utilizing Ligated Metal Chalcogenide Clusters as Catalysts to Control Reaction Rates