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Based on technologies licensed from VCU TechTransfer and Ventures

InterLeukin Combinatorial Therapies

Interleukin Combinatorial Therapies is developing the next generation of cancer-selective interleukin (cytokine)-based therapeutics. Through a process called “bystander antitumor activity” their unique engineered therapeutic cytokines destabilize cancer cells, resulting in direct killing or indirect toxicity through activation of the immune system and inhibition of angiogenesis.

Light Switch Bio

Light Switch Bio is a seed-stage biotech spin-out from Massey Cancer Center. The company is developing multiple drug delivery platforms that allow them to control drug activity with laser-precision to avoid the off-target activity that produces side effects.

Quench Medical

Quench Medical is developing a novel aerosol platform technology to deliver medicine into deep areas of the lung with unprecedented efficiency to greatly increase efficacy in treating pulmonary airway diseases.

Respiratory Drug Delivery

RDD coordinates meetings and sessions with special interest groups such as the Inhalation and Nasal Technology Focus Group of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, the International Society for Aerosol in Medicine, and the Product Quality Research Institute, in an attempt to maximize delegate participation in important issues.

Sanyal biotechnology

Sanyal Biotechnology offers contract research services to clients who seek a more physiologically relevant small animal model for their preclinical research into liver disease and other comorbidities resulting from the metabolic syndrome.

St. Teresa Medical, Inc.

Just as Mother Teresa was a healer and saved lives, this platform technology is designed to stop life-threatening bleeding or fluid leaks during surgery and aid in wound healing. St Teresa Medical is aimed to revolutionize the hemostatic and therapeutic markets with soft matter nanotechnology fibers to better patient outcomes and improve lives.

Static Sim LLC

The company offers an anesthesia training tool which is the only training aid that demonstrates the distribution and behaviors of medications with various densities within the intrathecal space post medication injection.

Teclison Limited

Teclison is a venture backed company developing novel stilben derivatives for cancer treatment. The team is distinguished for their induced tumor hypoxia treatments for liver cancer with a focus in the US, EU, and China.


Dedicated to improving student learning through assessment, Weave provides software solutions and expertise for institutional and programmatic effectiveness. With technology costs in higher education exploding, Weave is committed to providing the most user-friendly software on the market at a cost any size institution can afford.


The company offers a nationally recognized early childhood prevention program, Al’s Pals: Kids Making Healthy Choices and the companion parent education program, Here, Now and Down the Road…Tips for Loving Parents.