PartnerEASY makes licensing fast and painless for select technologies in our marketplace.

  1. Review the technology marketplace. Technologies with PartnerEASY terms are marked as such.
  2. Review the ParnterEASY terms attached to the technology you’re interested in. They are listed on the right hand side under the Licensing header.
  3. Contact the technology manager for the technology you’re interested in. Their names are listed on the right hand side under the Contact us about this technology header.

All PartnerEASY licenses include Free Test Drive!

Test Drive is a free 6-month evaluation that allows you to try your selected technology without the costs of an immediate licensing agreement. There are no upfront fees nor patent costs during the evaluation period.

Licensing terms and eligibility

PartnerEASY license terms are available for select technologies in the marketplace. All PartnerEASY licenses provide exclusive rights. PartnerEASY terms are non-negotiable.

Pre-set licenses come in three levels: Innovation Gateway determines the appropriate level based on the specific technology and development phase. PartnerEASY license terms include:

  • Modest signing fee
  • Royalty rate of 3% (2.5% for VA companies)