For inventors

As you research and create at Virginia Commonwealth University, it’s important to recognize the commercial potential of your work.


Successful commercialization of your discovery can lead to the development of useful products or services that can benefit society as well as generate revenues and recognition for you and your research laboratory.


VCU TechTransfer and Ventures provides guidance throughout this technology transfer process.


*Note: Our office no longer handles material transfer agreements. Click here for further information.


Our services

  • IP protection: Applying for patents, copyrights and trademarks to protect your intellectual property
  • IP Assessment and Validation: Determining if your invention has a commercial potential and which of its aspects are most feasible for the marketplace
  • Technology Maturation/De-risking: Helping you find funding to mature your invention to a more marketable stage; pairing you with mentors to guide commercialization
  • Marketing and Licensing: Identifying and pairing you with licensees who will bring your invention to the market
  • Industry Engagement: Actively connecting you to industry partners interested in your area of research or your technology; helping you manage a continuum of industry collaborations
  • Startup facilitation: Determining if your innovation is suitable for a new venture for commercial development and connecting you to advisers, mentors and funding sources
  • Education: Teaching you more about intellectual property protection, technology transfer process, commercialization, entrepreneurship and startup creation