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13-022, 14-085 Wireless, Implantable, Artificial Taste System
Treatment of impaired gustatory function

16-041 Treatment of Myocardial Infarction
Using protein from human plasma to reduce infarct size

17-104 Coupling Catalyst
Highly Active Graphene Based Palladium Catalysts

12-071 Clickable Polymers
A novel modular drug delivery platform

13-088 Efficient Synthesis of Pyridines
Cost effective ingredients for pharmaceuticals

10-061 Hyperhalogens
A new class of highly electronegative species

14-089 Palladium Catalysts for C-H Reactions
Improved methods for API synthesis

10-033 Tibiotalar Arthrodesis Guide (TAG)
A guide for accurate and reproducible ankle arthrodesis

13-091 Haptic Glucometer Guide
Independence for visually impaired diabetics

18-001 Hip Analysis Suite
Automated diagnostic and preoperative software

19-073 NLRP3 Pathway Inhibitors
Reducing neuro-inflammation in Alzheimer’s Disease

17-074 High-Efficiency Delivery of Aerosols to Infants
A more effective method for aerosol delivery

19-058 Biologics Encapsulation
Rapid, one-step process for encapsulation of biologics

12-111 Microstructures of Silk
Renewable materials for tissue engineering scaffolds

18-113 Enhancing Tumor Immunotherapy
Increasing the drug response rate of cancer patients

18-073 Photoactivation and imaging
Properties of a platinum dye in near-IR light

19-026, 19-038 Targeted Immunotherapy
IGFBP-3R agonistic monoclonal antibodies as a mono- or combinational therapy to treat cancer

19-058 Biologics Encapsulation
Rapid, one-step process for encapsulation of biologics

18-091 Magnetic Ear Tag Reporter
Automated system for detection of animal behavior

16-046 Tissue handling skills trainer
Training tool for proper suturing techniques

18-125 Biodegradable polymeric drugs
Repeating units of chemotherapeutic agents

15-057 Test to identify the cause for Rhinitis
A simple point of care test to Identify the cause of acute and chronic rhinitis

17-049 Anatomically Accurate Brain Phantom
Experimental verification for neuromodulation

18-120 Water-Based Chitosan Solution
An eco-friendly method for dissolving chitosan

18-088 Single-Molecule Sensors
Quantitative and simultaneous detection of biomarkers

18-004 Explosive Detection
Nitro-aromatic compound sensing porous organic polymers

15-032 Puff Topography Device
Measuring E-cigarette Airflow

17-106 Tumorigenic Protein Trimming
Genetic engineering of ERAP2 for tumor clearance

18-013 HCN Channel Targeting Drugs
Switching screenings from targeting Ih to Iinst channels

18-094 Opioid Receptor Modulators
Novel chemicals for treatment of drug use disorder

18-057 Pressure Sensing Endotracheal Tube
Real time monitoring of static lung compliance

18-068 NLRP3 Pathway Inhibitors
Reducing neuro-inflammation in Alzheimer’s Disease

18-053 Prone Play Activity Center
Enhancing Infants’ Motor Control and Development

18-075 Treatment for Gulf War Illness
Targeting depression, anxiety, and cognitive impairment

17-136 Cell Type Identification
Predictive framework cell identification

18-020F Bladder Wall Micromotion
Detection with Non-Invasive Ultrasound

16-064, 12-001 Treatment for addiction