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Read what others are saying about VCU TechTransfer and Ventures*. We’ll share links here as our inventions, faculty, and team make headlines.

*Previously Innovation Gateway

February 2023

Drug delivery, new therapies, AI, VR. Six VCU inventors received VCU TechTransfer and Ventures' latest round of Commercialization Fund awards. Read about them here.

January 2023

Michael Hindle, Ph.D., is one of 169 distinguished academic inventors to be named National Academy of Inventors fellows. Hindle, who leads the Aerosol Research Group on the MCV Campus of Virginia Commonwealth University and holds the Peter R Byron Distinguished Professorship in the VCU School of Pharmacy, said the honor reflected the successful collaboration of the pharmacy-engineering team for the past 15 years. Read more.

December 2022

As we close out 2022, we move forward with a new name that better reflects our expanded functions: Innovation Gateway, our name for more than 10 years, is now VCU TechTransfer and Ventures. It’s a direct statement that reinforces our mission of protecting and commercializing university IP and supporting our startup companies. Meet a few of the innovators that are leading VCU into the future.

Using virtual reality, a collaboration across the VCU School of Medicine, VCU College of Engineering, and Central Virginia VA Health Care System looks to replace an expensive and time-intensive surgical training process for a procedure to treat female urinary incontinence. Using an application developed by computer science professor Milos Manic, Ph.D., and his doctoral students, urogynecologist Lauren Siff, M.D. is helping build a VR training application that could change the way the procedure is performed in the future.

November 2022

Jonathan Isaacs, M.D., is the creative force behind Nerve Tape, a tiny biologic wrap used to repair severed peripheral nerves. Like a piece of high-tech tape with tiny, flexible embedded hooks, the wrap loops around and self-seals the nerve’s outer connective tissues — improving nerve alignment and promoting regeneration. Read more.

VCU is now one of 80 “Innovation & Economic Prosperity” universities, the APLU announced Sunday at its annual conference. Earlier this fall, U.S. News & World Report named VCU among the top 30 innovative public universities in the country. Read more.

Robert F. Diegelmann’s research led to a breakthrough in the products used to stop the massive loss of blood in emergencies. In June, the emeritus professor at the VCU School of Medicine donated to the Richmond-based museum a collection of 16 items related to his research into hemostasis. His efforts ultimately led to the discovery of the blood-clotting properties of sodium bentonite, an absorbent clay often found in kitty litter. Read more.

October 2022

IEEE Spectrum profiles VCU researchers Richard Costanzo and Daniel Coelho, who have developed a "neuroprosthetic" to detect odors and send signals to an implanted receiver that can stimulate the brain. Read more. 

Continuing VCU's growing national distinction as a top urban, public research university, the  latest institutional record of over $400 million for fiscal year 2022 marks a more than 47% increase over five years ago, and a 10% increase since last year.

September 2022

VCU is a university on the move. And that move is powered by research. Our latest newsletter highlights some of this research and the inventors behind the work.

The recognition underlines VCU’s restlessly ambitious and innovative approach to strengthening student success and to pursuing groundbreaking research that tackles the world’s toughest problems. 

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