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Research tools

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20-067 Mouse Model with a global deletion in the Spag17 gene
Novel ROSAmT/mG Labeled Spag17 Knockout Mouse

20-066 Mouse Model for the deletion of the Spag17 gene after Cre recombination
Novel ROSAmT/mG Labeled Spag17 Flox Mouse

20-065 Mouse Model for the Study of Multi-Organ Fibrosis
Novel Inducible Fibroblast Specific Spag17 Knockout Mouse

20-012 Dynamic FRET-based SensorsPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)
Ultrasensitive detection of nucleic acids biomarkers

18-105 AEG-1 Knockout Mice
Studying therapeutics to regulate inflammation in HCC

18-097 Stapled peptide discovery
Using mRNA display to create alpha-helical peptide libraries

18-093 Rat Model of Gulf War Illness
Rapid screening for effective treatment

18-029 Dual-targeting bivalent ligands
A novel treatment method for neurological disorders

18-011 Predicting preterm birth
Vaginal microbiome composition in early pregnancy

12-008 Novel Cancer TreatmentPartnerSTANDARD (Traditional)