Check out the latest highlights of our VCU Inventors!

Dr. Zina Trost - Using VR for neuropathic pain

VCU researcher Zina Trost walks you through her Department of Defense-funded, international clinical trial examining the impact of immersive virtual reality (VR) walking intervention on chronic neuropathic pain among paraplegic individuals with spinal cord injury.

Dr. Radika Barua - Creating Solid State Magnets 

Could solid-state refrigeration, powered by advanced magnetic technology, pave the way for a world without harmful CFCs? VCU College of Engineering assistant professor and researcher Radhika Barua, Ph.D. believes so.

Dr. Christopher Ehrhardt - Going beyond DNA

Dr. Ehrhardt’s lab at VCU is developing new methods for analyzing complex cell mixtures recovered as evidence from a crime scene. Sample types range from bacterial communities within complex matrices to human cell mixtures recovered from ‘touch’ and trace biological samples. Dr. Ehrhardt walks you through his tech in this video.