Hands Free Breastfeeding Aid: The Nuzzi

The breastfeeding mother often needs extra support when feeding her baby. This can be awkward and unwieldy for the mother. The Nuzzi provides “the third hand” that mothers need and long for. Along with the joy of breastfeeding and motherhood arise some minor discomforts, such as: engorgement, blocked milk ducts, shoulder, neck, and back pain. The remedies for these ailments are typically heat/cold therapy.

The technology

The Nuzzi, developed by a team of lactation consultants and a pediatrician, is an innovative breastfeeding assistive device, provides the extra hand that a mother needs. The Nuzzi is a filled pouch made out of durable, health care quality fabric, enabling the Nuzzi to be disinfected for use in a health care setting or with a stylish machine washable fabric cover for home use. The insert of the Nuzzi can be heated, cooled or used at room temperature providing different alternatives for maximum comfort. 

Figure 1. Breastfeeding without the Nuzzi requires the use of one hand to support the mother’s breast.  In contrast, breastfeeding with the aid of the Nuzzi allows for extra support of the breast freeing up that hand.