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Children’s Book: The Day I Had My Surgery

Going to a doctor is always a very emotional process for any child, but having a serious surgical procedure can be very stressful or even traumatic. Young children undergoing surgery don’t really understand the process and can’t rationally prepare for it. There are many books on visiting a doctor, going to a dentist, and visiting hospitals, but none of them address the issue of surgery or explain what the process looks like.

The technology

“The Day I Had my Surgery” is a children’s book written and illustrated by Virginia Commonwealth University students. It follows the story of Rodney Ram, young boy who must undergo the surgery and whose story is meant to educate other children who may have to undergo this process themselves. The book is meant to be read by parents to children before they go to surgery, to help them better understand and prepare for the process. Colorful illustrations provide visual representation of the different elements of a doctor’s visit and pre- and postoperative care.

An illustration of Rodney the Ram in the hospital