Material Science

Explosive Detection

Nitro-aromatic compound sensing porous organic polymers

Virginia Commonwealth University researchers have developed a material for detecting explosive compounds. Environmental surveyors, security, and military personnel can take advantage of this material that allows for portable testing. The technology improves on explosives detection by allowing for on sight testing and reduced costs. The technology uses specialized microcrystalline porous organic solids as chemo sensors to detect explosive compounds. The technology can be readily incorporated into existing technologies and transitioned to the marketplace.

The technology

The technology is a material for sensing explosive compounds for security and environmental surveying. Through the use of specialized microcrystalline porous organic solids the material is able to act as chemo sensors to detect explosive compounds. In the presence of higher concentrations of explosive compounds the material’s fluorescence is quenched. Unlike traditional chemical analysis equipment, which require samples be sent to a lab, this material allows for faster/cheaper onsite testing. VCU is seeking market insights on commercialization of this new nitro-aromatic compound sensing material and welcomes interest from potential producers, users, and licensees.