Engineering and physical science

Reducing Concussion Injuries with Magnetic Helmets

The technology

This technology uses spatially modulated magnetic fields (SMMF) to lessen the force of impact during helmet-to-helmet collisions. A prototype helmet [a], which incorporates an array of neodymium magnets between the liner and shell, has been tested to determine the efficacy of magnetic repulsion for reduction of impact forces. Using a pendulum assay to collide helmets from varying heights [b], it was found that impact forces between fully weighted helmets were greatly reduced by incorporating magnetic arrays into the helmet design [c]. Since concussions tend to occur when collision forces equal or exceed 100g, helmets that utilize SMMF technology significantly reduce the likelihood of sustaining a serious head injury by up to 80% due to the reduction of gforces during collisions.

 Drawing of prototype helmet and a drawing of test helmet collision