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Clinician Research and Human Protection Training for Clinical Research Study

The technology

The technology is a digital presentation designed as a template for clinical trial personnel to provide standardized training on study objectives, protocols, informed consent content and human subject protection. This Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® file provides a structure of the training course with headings and bullet points explaining what the particular section should contain or describe. It also contains a sample of a clinical trial to aid filling out the template properly. The template not only facilitates training of the clinicians and clinical research assistants before the trial but also helps maintain adherence to the clinical trial protocol over the course of the study. Human subject protection training materials, adherent to institutional review board (IRB) requirements, can be used to instruct participating clinicians and clinical research staff working directly with the patients enrolled in the study. Hyperlinks for each section are provided at the bottom of each slide for ease of moving between sections of the training materials. This template presentation can become an effective tool in teaching the research and support staff for clinical research and clinical trials administration, IRB members, and other personnel involved in conduct and management of clinical trials in different fields of research.