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Jason Bennett: Creating VR "games" to identify callous-unemotional traits in children

 It's a unique collaboration between VCUArts and the School of Medicine. Jason Bennett, an illustrator and game artist, is working with Nicholas Thomson, Ph.D., a forensic psychologist and professor in the Department of Surgery. Together, they are developing a virtual-reality game and data-tracking program that focuses on the roles of fear and fearlessness among youth with callous-unemotional traits, which makes them more likely to engage in chronic criminal behavior and develop mental health problems into adulthood. Learn more about the grant behind the project: 




Dr. Christopher Ehrhardt - Going beyond DNA


Dr. Ehrhardt’s lab at VCU is developing new methods for analyzing complex cell mixtures recovered as evidence from a crime scene. Sample types range from bacterial communities within complex matrices to human cell mixtures recovered from ‘touch’ and trace biological samples. Dr. Ehrhardt walks you through his tech in this video.